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Feminine Fragrance for Men

By April 13, 2016 March 20th, 2020 No Comments


Many men would shake their head in disbelief at the idea of wearing a female perfume, but those ‘on trend’, or those who simply have a savvy nose, will not find the idea odd at all. That’s because, underneath the labeling and marketing of men’s cologne are a lot of ingredients and aromas that are commonly used in female perfumes.

The truth is that the formulations are not all that different from each other. In fact, the major difference is the label on the bottle – and the category that the perfumes are listed under online. If you want to find a fragrance that is unique to you, it may  be time to stop reading labels and listen to your nose instead!
Still not entirely convinced? There are several popular men’s fragrances that actually have floral notes in them, such as Fahrenheit by Christian Dior which was one of the top selling colognes of the eighties. However, floral are not just an eighties thing. Everything about any type of cologne has to do with the science of floral and aromas, and that is why when you take away the labels and break down the science it is easy to see that cologne is just a perfume.

What is Eau de Cologne?
Another argument might be the fact that, in reality, cologne is perfume. The term cologne is actually a measure of how strong a perfume it is. Eau de Cologne simply has less perfume oil in it compared to other perfumes. However,western marketers adopted the term to start a line of men’s perfumes, when they realized that men were suspicious of being sold fragrances. Perfumers actually never meant to make gender specific scents, and in many countries perfume still describes all  fragrances. Therefore, when looking at perfumes online it may be helpful to open your mind a bit, because you may be missing the best men’s perfumes simply  because they are labelled under the women’s category.
Today, when you look at perfumes online, you will find there is a unisex category, but if you expand your search into women’s fragrances you will find plenty of new options open to you. Scents such as Angel by Thierry Mugler,that is very similar to Angel Men without the tar note. This way, a woman can get drawn to a man that smells like chocolate and caramel, which is always going to be popular. CK One, Jasmin Noir by Bulgari, and Must De Cartier by Cartier are all great examples of top perfumes that smell great on men.
Need another reason to try out women’s perfumes as a man? It’s said that women are actually more attracted to a man that other women desire. Therefore, if you leave a hint of perfume on her subconscious, she will, in theory, be compelled towards you, because she will think you have been around other women. While you may logically think this will turn her off, it may only make her want you more, and even get ready to compete. So why not spray a little fragrance on and give it a try?


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