How to make perfumes last longer?
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How to make perfumes last longer?

By May 30, 2015 March 20th, 2020 No Comments


-Apply perfume right after your shower, as your pores will soak up the scent better and last longer.
-Keep it cool, place your perfume in the fridge before you open, and keep in away from heat or light to save the quality of your perfume.
-You can apply Vaseline or

un-scent lotion before you wear your perfume as the mix of oils will make you perfume last longer.
Spray your perfume on your warm areas to allow the scent to rise throughout the day
• Wrists
• Inside your elbows
• On your neck
• Below your midriff
• Behind your knees
• On your Ankles & claves
-Spray your fragrance on your brush before running it through your hair.
-Pour the last drop of your fragrance on an un-scent lotion so nothing goes waste.
-Mix fragrances choose your combination make sure to apply the stronger fragrance first.


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