Blacks Club Leather 100 ml

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  • Unisex
  • Shay and Blue

Cinque Terre

Sophisticated, tasteful, avant-garde, traditional, egalitarian. These are all words that apply equally to Black’s Club, the renowned members-only club in London’s Soho district, and also to Black’s Club Leather, an exquisite new creation from Shay & Blue inspired by the organization. Black’s Club Leather is both the smell of the club itself and a smell to adorn it, an intensely smoky firewood mingled with the the well-worn English leather and rich mahogany of handcrafted furniture, the smooth warmth of a fine cognac, and the lightly creamy sweetness of antique furniture wax. Black’s Club Leather is as rounded as it is rich, the kind of distinguished leather that lends fortitude and refinement to women and men with equal measure. Some of us don’t make it London with enough regularity to join Black’s Club. But anyone can smell like they belong, wherever they may be

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