Salt Caramel 30 ml

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Cinque Terre

Temptingly sweet, mouthwateringly creamy, delightfully complex, Salt Caramel combines all the decadent appeal of a finely crafted truffle with none of the calories. Inspired by the Queen of England‘s official chocolatier, Charbonnel et Walker, Salt Caramel is truly a gourmand scent worthy of royalty.

In the grand, delectable opening, intense liquid caramel is enhanced to new heights with a perfectly measured dose of tangy sea salt. The heart grows richer still, with smooth tonka adding elegance and depth to the sweetness. And in the base, bourbon vanilla expands the wondrous creaminess while sandalwood provides a woodsy counterpoint and enriches the longevity. Our new favorite dessert is here- and we don’t even need to leave the room after dinner.

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