Sentiers de Cometes

750 AED 600 AED

  • Unisex
  • Yeye

Cinque Terre

“As cruel as the typical degenerate Derby winner”, the lithe, tall redhead is standing in the centre of the room with her Edwardian silk drapped dress and her fairly modern views, which she airs freely, to wreck havoc with whom she targets.

Her venomous lines are nevertheless obliterated by her stunning physique and as she dangles her cigarette-holder with the bored air of a person whose existence is oblivious to the Great War around her, you catch yourself having your eyes hooked by the corners of her full rosy lips in anticipation of her passing her tongue over them to draw a wet line that glistens from across the room. That’s Sylvia “pulling the bath strings” and she masters the game.

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