Natura Fabularis – Glacialis Terra 18

830 AED 760 AED

Cinque Terre

Prepare yourself for the chill of a land under ice! The ground loosens slightly, freed from the clutch of the deep freeze by the first fingers of spring warmth, and sends a vetiver root snaking up to the surface to test the air. The soil is still cold, crusty with ice even, but small shoots of bitter green things push their way through rudely, desperate to see the sun. The bitterness of vetiver root mingles with the poisonous green fairy of absinthe and wormwood, chilled all around by ice. And yet, there is something alive about it all. Wear Glacialis Terra to feel determinedly alive when the world around you feels sluggish and weighed down. Notes: absinthe, vetiver, ice cube


Each bottle comes with a white label upon which is written the Latin botanical name of the perfume. The mysterious number above the Latin name on each individual scent represents the number of tries before Daphné Bugey got the scent exactly right.

A special gold and black bee is engraved on each bottle. Beautiful and tireless, she is there to watch over the bottle of perfume, ensuring it – and you – come to no harm. She also represents the irrepressible sense of life and movement in nature itself, something that is also replicated in the structure of the perfume inside the bottle.

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